Fernando López del Oso
Fernando López del Oso
Madrid, España, 1974

Fernando J. López del Oso graduated in biology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. After university he became interested in travel and ecotourism, designing travel packages for some of the most exclusive travel agencies. At the same time, he started contributing to the magazine Enigmas, directed by Doctor Fernando Jiménez del Oso; he has edited its popular-science section for years. He is also the founder of the club Enigmas, for which he organises a variety of trips with a common goal: to reach those places where mystery is still alive. At present he works as a popular-science writer for different publications, and he is a content developer for the Ukhupacha (“inner world,” in Quechua) Project, an organisation of Spanish cave archaeologists and adventurers who collaborates with scientists and archaeologists from all over the world. He is the author of the travelogue Un viaje mágico por Egipto (“A Magical tour of Egypt”) and the essay La sexta extinción (“The sixth extinction”). El templo de la luna, which received the Minotauro Prize in 2009, is his first novel.