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Padre Ángel
 ©©Itziar Guzmán
©©Itziar Guzmán
Padre Ángel

Ángel García Rodríguez, better known as Padre Ángel, is a Catholic priest born in La Rebollada (Mieres), founder and president of the NGO Mensajeros de la Paz (Messengers of Peace), and Prince of Asturias Concord Prize in 1994.

He began his philanthropic work in 1962, after a visit to the Orphanage of Oviedo. Since then, he has initiated numerous social projects from his parish at the Iglesia de San Antón. This church is open twenty-four hours a day to provide lodging for the homeless as well as offer them breakfast and other necessities.

In 2016 he opened the restaurant Robin Hood, which operates normally during the day, but offers free dinners to the underprivileged from 7:00 PM on. Today Robin Hood has three branches, two in Madrid and one in Toledo.

For years he has been a regular presence on radio and television.

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