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The Crime of the Tangent
Original title: El crimen de la Tangente
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The Crime of the Tangent

Original title: El crimen de la Tangente

A group of schoolmates is spending their weekend in a cabin in the mountainhut, but one of the girls mysteriously disappears after watching a shadow pass by the window. Desperate, all her friends start to investigate. And suddenly another girl disappears as well... Policemen, psychologists, teachers and, above all friends, join forces to solve the mystery of the disappearances. And they find out that, quite often, appearances can be deceptive...

Titles in the series:
- The Crime of the Tangent
- Marcabrú and the Ice Fire
- Cut Threads
- The Astaroth Codex

A thriller that catches the young reader, while praising courage, friendship and comradeship.

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Publishing date: | 184 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-09910-9 | Imprint: Planetalector

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