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The Lion Gardener
Original title: El león jardinero

The Lion Gardener

Original title: El león jardinero

On one side a smart and independent bird is planning to spend the northern winter on the rolling African plains, as he does every year. On the other is a lion with eyes as blue as the sea and an enormous heart, sitting in the same tree as the one where the bird has made its nest. After the initial wariness, they realize that their partnership is full of advantages: the lion keeps monkeys and snakes away from the tree and the bird eats the fleas off the lion. They make friends, such close friends that the lion will feel brave enough to share his biggest secret...

A fable about the strenght of love and the emotions that unite us.

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Publishing date: | 96 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-4445-1 | Imprint: Ediciones Destino

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