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The Era Of Digital Disruption
Original title: La era de la disrupción digital
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The Era Of Digital Disruption

Original title: La era de la disrupción digital

Employment, inequality, and social wellbeing in the era of new global technologies.

Our expectations about the digital revolution are confusing. In the first place, because despite the speed of changes, we are going through a period of unusual atony in economic growth. Secondly, because we still do not know the impact that robots, artificial intelligence and algorithms will have on employment and income distribution.

In this confusing panorama, the authors draw an essential map to understand what the future of our societies will be in basic matters such as work, inequality and the welfare state. And its starting point invites us to responsibility and reflection: there is nothing inevitable or inexorable in new technologies. But in order to handle them properly, it is necessary that personal, political and business decisions use this technology to achieve a society that is not only more prosperous, but also more inclusive.

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Publishing date: | 312 pages | ISBN: 978-84-234-3132-8 | Imprint: Deusto