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Boobs out!
Original title: ¡Pechos fuera!
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Boobs out!

Original title: ¡Pechos fuera!

A manifesto for the liberation of breasts, jugs, tits, cans, chesticles, mams, knockers...

The (female, obviously) breast has been and continues to be a constant theme of debate as well as a hypersexualized image. But what are breasts really? Why do they exercise this power over us? And most importantly, why do we struggle to hide them?

All these questions are on the table today because social networks, determined to cover, pixelate, and erase breasts wherever they are found, have made us see a reality silenced up to now. But social networks are nothing more than a reflection of what we live offline. That is why the moment has come to bring the tyranny of the breast to an end!

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Publishing date: | 192 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-22372-6 | Imprint: Zenith