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What Should I Give Them To Eat?
Original title: ¿Qué le doy de comer?
Category: Non-Fiction | Parenting
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What Should I Give Them To Eat?

Original title: ¿Qué le doy de comer?
Category: Non-Fiction | Parenting

“Formula,” “children’s yogurt,” “sugar-free chocolate spread…” all these are terms that we associate with a good diet for children, a balanced diet thought up by selfless mothers and fathers. But is this really the diet we should be following at home? Are those products really healthy, despite our good intentions? Are they even any healthier than a simple piece of fruit?

In What Should I Give Them to Eat, we will discover not only what types of diets exist today (BLW, BLISS, and others), but will also find tips to develop the best and most healthy nutritional habits.

Full of practical and easy-to-access resources as well as advice for planning weekly menus for our children, this book will be a guide for mothers and fathers who want their children to eat in a healthy way and who want to develop healthy habits themselves.

Nutrition is much more than a fad: it is something that affects all of us, especially the most vulnerable among us, children.

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Bestselling authors Aitor Sánchez (My Diet Limps) and Lucía Martínez (Vegetarians With a Conscience) join forces to bust the biggest myths about child nutrition in a practical guide that will help promote healthy habits among the youngest people at home.

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Publishing date: | 256 pages | ISBN: 978-84-493-3615-7 | Imprint: Ediciones Paidós

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